Valleys of My Brain


I am Alivia. Right now I am writing to myself on a blog that I am not 100 percent sure why I decided to buy. I figured I would just cut out some of the unnecessary coffee to replace the thirtyish dollars a year to write on this blog. As you can tell I am kind of cheap. I am not cheap with everything. I just know how to spend money wisely. That means that I basically put all of my money towards dance training. I say this with a little bit of pride actually. I also value my nutrition life, so I am one of those girls who spends more money on food than she does on clothes. Maybe this is why I look like a homeless dancer sometimes walking through Whole Foods with my baggy flannel that I love to dance in. I find it kind of funny that I am writing to myself right now, but hopefully someday I will have some people a little interested about the valleys of my brain. They sometimes fascinate me, but they also like to play tricks on me and make me worry about my life 50 years from now. I will probably write about that another day. Today though, I will summarize myself in some short phrases….Started dancing at the age of three. Loved to dance but hated tights. I peed my pants in dance class but I received a best friend out of the whole ordeal. I had a class of 5 of the same people until I was in 9th grade. I am a smoothie queen, the greener the better. I believe in a God that loves me and everyone else just the same. He is everything and everywhere. Running and exercising are stress relieving, but I can’t say I would die without it. Sometimes I forget that I went to state in high school for both track and cross country. Currently, I am a student at the University of Minnesota. I study dance. I have huge and scary dreams for myself. Most of them involve dance actually. I hope this blog can be a fuel source for me to stay motivated to pursue my professional dance dreams. My mom is my best friend, but I have some pretty amazing other best friends. I believe in breakfast more than anyone else I know. I go to sleep at 10 PM every night. I am not ashamed of that. Peanut butter is everyday. I love to listen to people, but I am not a fan of talking about myself. It’s pretty funny that I am now writing a blog about myself. I do not plan to write only about myself  however. I hope to help other people feel like they are not alone when they feel certain ways. I feel a lot. I feel a little too much I think, but maybe thats why I will never stop dancing. Thank you for reading if you are out there. Even if just one person reads these blogs I will be happy. Community is energy.




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