What is Balance?



Being in a new city right away is always weird for me. It’s when your expectations turn into a reality, and they don’t always match up perfectly. San Francisco, like any place, has many personalities, but somehow they all connect to make it a place unlike any other city. So far, I am in love with the steep streets, the foggy mornings, the countless cafes I can’t really afford, and the blue Pacific. I won’t go into detail about the things I don’t like about the city, but I will say that the world is filled with a lot of mistakes from all of us combined. I pray we each take on the responsibility to undo some of the mistakes we’ve created for ourselves.

And then there is the dancing. It’s where I have found myself again in a foreign place. It’s where I have connected with people from around the country. It’s where I have found balance in an unstable body. My ballet teacher told us on the first day to read the back of our hands like a book to find balance. Once you find balance with what reminds you of your humanity, then you can look out into the eyes of your peers and connect with them to find stability. After that you can look into the balcony and find balance despite seeing nothing but blinding lights. I took this comment pretty seriously and really thought about it. I think it explains why some people can’t feel comfortable in the not so stable parts of life. None of us will ever be completely balanced, but I think it would be a wise step to persue balance in what we already are before we go out and try to seek balance from what we think is out there. I am working on this currently, even though I am not quite sure whether or not it even makes sense. Maybe that’s the point.



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