Unorganized is Underated



1. The moment just before you swing back down…. what even is that? Whatever it is, I want to create more of those types of seconds in my life. I also like how you don’t have to have reservations, tickets, money, resumes, or investments to do things like this in life.

2. The three other girls I was with and I were so distracted by the beauty of this place one would call the Golden Gate Bridge that we forgot how hungry we were. I had a muffin at noon, but by this time it was almost 9 PM. Long story short, we ended up in China Town at an upstairs restaurant that forgot to bring us water until after our food. So many other things were wrong with the place we ended up in, but in a way it felt so good to not be prepared. I normally have a place in mind that is highly recommended and unique, but this was just your hole in the wall kind of Chinese restaurant that was overpriced and cramped. I loved it. In a way, I think my approach to life changed a little bit after this night. Unorganized can be inspiring.

3. I feel so blessed to be in this city and grateful for the dance program I am studying at, but I can’t help but feel guilty for doing all of these things for myself. I am aware of all of the beneficial parts of doing things like this are and how my presence can be generous to others, but I still want to give more. This week I have class with Alonzo King, and I am hoping he will give me some wisdom on this issue I am dealing with. I find connection to life situations in every dance correction I hear, so I am hopeful I will come back next Sunday with some new ways I can give back spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Have a sunny, caffeinated Sunday.



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