1. Do a new thing every day. Record it.
  2. Question what you do repetitively or instinctively? Is it really the best way?
  3. C1 every day.
  4. Are you telling the truth? Really though…
  5. You can sweat more. Allow it.
  6. When your thoughts go low, examine them. What is the next right step to take? Then do it.
  7. Stay open to the new. Don’t be so caught up in the outcome. What is the process doing to you and others?
  8.  You should interview more people. They inspire a lot out of you. Aim high.
  9. Share what you learn to anyone.
  10. Help others. Help yourself. Help make life more meaningful for us all.


Goals or perspectives. I find it hard to know the difference.


Photo by @blakenellisphoto 


Alivia Fuhrman




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