details on that mArch


  1. Do a new thing every day. Record it. (eat different food, watch movies, go outside of campus, go to different groups, talk to new people, listen to different music, practice new ways to move, learn from different knowledgeable people, go to weird concerts, have fun)
  2. Question what you do repetitively or instinctively? Is it really the best way? (do you find joy in the habits, how can you make the situation different to create inspiration, do you like doing this? how can you like it more?)
  3. C1 every day. (yep, stay open)
  4. Are you telling the truth? Really though… (the outcome will be honest and more will get done. enjoy the benefits and the growth)
  5. You can sweat more. Allow it. (Alivia, you love to move so let this happen, get back into workouts and feeling exhausted, it is part of self care and pleasurable.)
  6. When your thoughts go low, examine them. What is the next right step to take? Then do it. (often times it is a habit to enjoy the sadness and see it as mystical, well bring that out in dance, but also remember mental happiness feels a lot better and creates a better life, so work hard to be happy and do the next best thing for the mind, that is generous and kind and smart.)
  7. Stay open to the new. Don’t be so caught up in the outcome. What is the process doing to you and others? (write down your insights to the new, it doesn’t need to be what you thought it would be, that is the beauty of it. enjoy being surprised, recognize the destructions will soon become creations and beginnings, it doesn’t mean you’re starting over, it means your just progressing in a way that wasn’t planned out, what is wrong with that? nothing, it means you’re aware of the present moment and capable of making decisions based on the learning that takes place every day. Stop worrying about the future.. Right now has enough to worry about. you got this. it’s hard I know, but trust it is better.)
  8.  You should interview more people. They inspire a lot out of you. Aim high. (Yes please, reach out and ask the people you wouldn’t expect to say yes to you. Enjoy the fear and the nerves, remember most people love talking about their life and what they did, make them feel heard, also really reflect on the interview and listen to what it gave you, what is the next step?)
  9. Share what you learn to anyone. (this means through words, dancing, writing letters, emailing, sending texts, calling, talking, glances, consideration, thoughts, moods, everything you learn is reflected by how you live in the world, set an example for others by being the person you would want to have in the world, you are a living human that has knowledge to share by acting on it and being the person you are simply)
  10. Help others. Help yourself. Help make life more meaningful for us all.  (I think this is great. Meaning is a great feeling and essential to survive, when you find yourself in a meaningless mood, don’t let it just sit their and rot at your soul, actively set an intention to find inspiration, trust it will come if you do something about it, reach out, look inward, reflect, watch, examine, read, listen, seek, walk, just go somewhere that is different than the meaningless state you might currently be in. It is not healthy to be there.)



Goals or perspectives. I find it hard to know the difference. (maybe this is because I think about things to the core, so a goal is more than a goal to me)





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