(May) responding to mist


I want to say before any more words come out that Dr. Jordan Peterson has given me insight for most of this blog from his book 12 Rules For Life.

(A book that sounds like a self help book, but it is more like a human bible inspired by the Holy Bible and extensive research from history, psychology, art, etc…it’s honest and harsh, it has words you’ve felt in your soul but never knew how to articulate, it’s a gift from the heavens, it has helped me survive this semester, it has greatly impacted my recent decisions)

Some questions from Peterson to aid in cleaning up your life….feel free to answer them on your own.

  • Have you taken full advantage of the opportunities offered to you?
    • Answer: NO
    • Solution: I am in a college that has some respect to its name. I must utilize my time everyday instead of being bitter towards parts of the university that I disagree with. Resentment does not help when aiming skyward.
  • Are you working hard on your career?
    • Answer: No
    • Solution: Okay yes, I do work hard, but the consistency is lacking. I am in college, the epitome of a time and place to work on your career. Recently, I have figured out that what I thought I wanted is not what I truly wanted from my college education. Confronting the truth has lead to incredible lightness and relief, but with every lightness there is heaviness. I am now refocusing my attention here at the U towards what fascinates me: health,wellbeing, and psycholgoy. The world could always use some help in this area. I might have some tools that could add to its benefits and ease. Admitting that college is not always ideal is necessary. Given this fact, I will do what I can now that I know to be true and honoarble.
      • “The future can be made better if the proper sacrifices take place in the present. Meaning emerges when impulses are regulated, organized, and unified.” -Peterson
  • Have you made peace with your brother?
    • Answer: No
    • Solution: My brothers and I have each other’s backs. I love them incredibly and care more about them than they even know. That is where I think I can make peace with them. I can show them the care and love I have for them by actively applying it to our relationship despite the distance.
  • Do you treat your family with dignity and respect?
    • Answer: NO
    • Solution: I want to point out that my answers will always be no because I can always improve on something. I am aiming at “Yes” for the rest of my life. In regards to the actual solution, I will be upfront with my gratitude and work hard at improving my Being to also express my thankfulness. The list goes on and on for how I can better articulate my dignity and respect for them. I will remind myself to make that list later.
  • Do you have habits that are destroying your health and well being?
    • Answer: yes
    • Solution: Well I guess that “never answering yes” thing I wrote above was wrong haha. But YES! I have many habits that are not pure. Here are words that connect to the habits that I am currently working on: phone, caffeine, water, running, stretching, motivation, elimination, inflammation, mental health, criticism, sweating, nature.
  • Are you truly shouldering your responsibilities?
    • Answer: NO
    • Solution: My biggest responsibility right now is being truthful to what I was meant to be here for.
      • “You are by no means only what you already know. You are also all that which you could know if you only would. Thus you should never sacrifice what you could be for what you are. You should never give up the better that resides within for the security you already have.”-Peterson
      • So my solution is to give up the blanket securing me and to confront the truth that resides within. I guess thoughtful risk, experimentation, vulnerability, and honesty are some words I can think of when confronted by the fear of ripping off what I have always felt secure in.
  • Have you said what you need to say to your friends and family?
    • Answer NO
    • Solution: Don’t Lie. Speak the truth. Have humility. Become aware of my own sufficiencies. Pay attention. Fix what you can fix. Don’t be arrogant in my knowledge. Aim up. I am excited to see the outcomes of this and the rippling effects.
  • Are there things you could do, that you know you could do, that would make things around you better?:
    • Answer: Yes
    • Solution:
      • make my bed regardless
      • be articulate and truthful with my speech, movement, and thoughts
      • sincerely listen
      • say no to what does not serve the betterment of the world
      • gratitude
      • go to doctors or professionals when you need to
      • do things that allow for getting outside of yourself
      • write things down that you want to remember when they come up
      • love more
      • the list obviously could go on, but for right now I can focus on these while being open to what life brings up in the mist of them

Thank you computer and world for letting me have the freedom to put my thoughts into words on this blog.

Thank you for reading if you’re still here.

Thank you to the people who have inspired me whether they know it or not. (I should probably make sure I let them know)

Much love,


P.S. I love you Peterson and can not wait to see you on Saturday!

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