my bicycle ride


Lately I have been spending a lot of time on my bicycle… to and from work, to yoga, to groceries, to friends, to dance…. I am thankful for all of the rides, but they are sometimes long and hot and a car ride seems more ideal. However, time on bike equals lots of thinking…what’s new? What came to me was how similar a bike ride is to life. Let me give you some examples:

  1. going up and down hills demands shifting gears to bring ease with continual effort
  2. one can prepare for making the trips easier by adding baskets, lights, water holders, mirrors…aka extra support systems
  3. breaks are necessary to survive
  4. people will offer to fix your bike for free if you show interest in learning how they are fixing it
  5. people will yell at you if you do not have your lights on
  6. people will tell you to look up if you look distracted
  7. people will give you creepy second looks
  8. people will give you genuine smiles
  9. music influences the ride
  10. there are people who bike to get somewhere
  11. there are people who bike to leave something
  12. there are people who bike to compete
  13. there are people who bike to enjoy the ride
  14. saving up for a nice bike becomes more prominent the more I bike
  15. locking the bike to something stabile is necessary
  16. take care of your bike and it will take care of you
  17. you can wear a helmet or you can feel your hair flowing
  18. being a responsible rider is also for the safety of others on their rides
  19. enjoy the down hill rest to prepare for what effort might be demanded soon
  20. focus on an aim for the uphills, or pretend it’s the last hill each time
  21. one must pedal hard and long to feel sweat in cold air
  22. if you bike in extreme weather… people look at you differently
  23. sometimes you must wait for the storms to pass before biking
  24. sometimes it is mandatory to bike through anything
  25. even if I have all the cars in the world, I would still choose to bike for my health
  26. the scenic route and the city streets each have their advantages
  27. waiting for the go signal risks being late for your arrival…while going despite the stop signal risks getting hurt or in trouble..
  28. above it all… have good form, relax your jaw, shoulders back, pay attention, enjoy the ride, plan accordingly, arrive with not one complaint of the sweat created from the ride


I hope you can see the parallels to life that I have seen in my bicycle rides. Maybe it could even cause you to think more about the parallels anything has to life. I seem to think about them all the time. Still trying to figure out how much of this thinking is healthy.





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